Construction In accordance with Swiss legislation for motor vehicles (OETV) no RS 741.4
Category An electric one-seat moped, minimal age: 14 years;
M permit or higher required; helmet required; Allowed on bike lanes and to pass cars on the right hand side, space permitting.
Design Steel frame with solid plastic body.
Dimensions Length - 168 cm
Width -    70 cm
Height - 105 cm
Weight Circa 90 kg with lead-acid battery, 74kg with lithium battery.
Max. load carrying capacity: 100 kg
Wheels Front: 400 cm diameter, tyre 10" x 3"
Rear: 530 cm diameter, tyre 16" x  2.5"
Motor Built into rear wheel, 1000 W, 24 V
Transmission Direct without reduction gears
Speed control Electro-mechanic
Auxiliary pedals Chain on rear wheel
Battery Maintenance free lead-acid or lithium
Battery charger

Integrated into the vehicle; entirely automatic.
Mains input 230V50Hz, approx. 200 VA
Lead-acid battery :
Time of charge = 6 ½ hours if fully discharged (50% after 2 hours)
Lithium battery :
Time of charge = 8 hours if fully discharged (50% after 3 hours)



Independent drum breaks on front and rear wheel. Electrical speed reducer with energy recovering.


Safety locks

Blocking of front wheel fork and contact switch


Performance Cruising speed on flat surface: 35 km/h; maximum incline without use of pedals: 12%; Autonomy (on a flat surface with few stops, no major headwind, driver weight of approximately 75 kg, fully inflated tires, outside temperature of 20°C) = up to 25 km with a lead-acid battery and up to 40 km with a lithium battery. Energy consumption: 4.4kWh / 100 km or approximately CHF 1.- / 100 km.


Subject to modification