The maintenance of a Mobilec is almost as easy as the one of a bicycle. Nevertheless, a few specific points must be observed:


·   Prior to each trip, check the charge state of the battery, the lighting and the brakes.


·   After each even short trip, charge the battery at a weather protected shaded place during the night or the working hours. Deep discharges and long waiting before recharging the battery reduces its lifetime. For longer off service periods, for example during the winter, a monthly recharge during one night is sufficient.


·   Check the tyre pressure (2.5 to 3 bar) and the tyre profile, oil the pedal chain and protect the metallic parts especially in winter using a maintenance spray. Clean the plastic body with a soft sponge and soapy water. Do not use splash water!  


Your dealer or Sytrel International Sàrl (phone no 032 841 36 37, are at disposal for further information.