Transport Museum, Luzern

The first Mobilec prototype was manufactured by the Company Condor, located in Courfaivre, Switzerland, in 1992. Together with the latest Mobilec model, it has been included in the museum’s rich vehicle collection.




Year 2018   


February 22 - 25       Swiss-Moto 2018
                                  Zurich Oerlikon
                                  Discover and try the electric moped Mobilec at the elfar stand
                                  near the entrance door of the Messehalle.
March 21 - 25            AMA exhibition  2018
                                  Im Schachen
                                  Come, be amazed at the electric moped Mobilec and go for a
                                  test at the elfar stand.
December 7              Nocturne de Colombier
                                  Colombier NE, Center of village
                                  Admire the electric moped Mobilec by night!