Transport Museum, Luzern

The first Mobilec prototype was manufactured by the Company Condor, located in Courfaivre, Switzerland, in 1992. Together with the latest Mobilec model, it has been included in the museum’s rich vehicle collection.




Year 2017   


Mai 12 - 13       Springtime exhibition
                         Neuchâtel, Place du Port
                         Discover and try the electric moped Mobilec
Mai 20              Springtime market
                         Colombier NE, Village centre, 9h30 to 17h
                         Mobilec on its best!
July 8                Töffli-GP
                          Roggwil AG, Race-in center
                          Mobilec, the only electric moped among 300 petrol ones !
September 1     Village festival
                          Colombier NE, Village centre
                          Mobilec on the road without noise and exhaust fumes!
September 2     Village festival
                          Affoltern am Albis ZH, Kronenplatz, Stall NewRide
                          Come and admire the electric moped Mobilec !
December 8      Candle light evening
                          Colombier NE, Village centre
                          Mobilec illuminated by candles (in case of no rain!)